Your relationship with Nidec Press & Automation just begins with the purchase of new machinery. NPA’s service organization provides customers with a competitive edge by having a team of knowledgeable service supervisors and field service personnel for product support.

Field service teams are dispatched from more than 95 global locations ensuring a rapid response to the most critical needs.

OEM trained and certified field service personnel are available for on-site service support for a variety of customer needs including: new equipment installation; preventive maintenance; equipment audits; diagnostic support or troubleshooting; repair and rebuilding.

Nidec Press Automation Machine

Nidec Field Service Capabilities

Machinery Remanufacturing

From single components to entire machines, Nidec Press & Automation has remanufacturing packages to meet all unique needs.

With dedicated remanufacturing facilities and trained personnel on three continents, Nidec Press & Automation is able to provide new life for used machinery.

With global engineering experience and capabilities at its disposal, NPA has the ability to modify all brands of metal forming machinery to meet or exceed original OEM specifications, while incorporating newer technologies and meeting updated safety regulations.

NPA backs up its quality remanufacturing work with an industry-leading parts and labor warranty. 

Press & Automation Spare Parts

High quality parts, delivered on time, designed to keep your machinery profitable.

At Nidec Press & Automation (NPA), most replacement parts are available before you need them. 80% of NPA’s replacement parts are shipped directly from our inventory and many of the non-stock parts can be quickly manufactured in NPA’s dedicated service facilities.

Genuine NPA parts are made to meet or exceed our original OEM specifications. In addition, certain “commercially-available” replacement parts are expressly manufactured or sorted to obtain tighter-than-standard specifications. These practices assure that NPA’s parts will fit correctly, will achieve maximum life and are interchangeable with NPA parts.

  • Quality: Manufactured to the original specifications of the part and not reverse-engineered.
  • Availability: A large inventory of parts allows us to ship 80% of orders within 24 hours.
  • Access to the Experts: Available 24/7 to assist you with getting the right part to fix your issues.
  • Durability: Genuine OEM parts meet or exceed the original specifications for your press.
  • Warranty: Your replacement parts come with a 90-day warranty for a worry-free purchase.
  • Lower Total Costs: Genuine OEM parts reduce unplanned downtime of your press. 
Nidec Press Automation Service Technician

Technical Support

Expert support when and where you need it.

Nidec Press & Automation represents nearly 400 years of manufacturing and customer service experience.

Product experts are available to provide technical support at all NPA global facilities.

Most locations offer 24/7/365 support. If you need assistance during non-business hours, you can access emergency part and technical support by calling NPA at +1(419) 628-6000.

An employee will verify and determine the nature of your emergency and will arrange to have the appropriate personnel call you back within 30 minutes.

Nidec Press Automation Training


To meet your unique combination of training needs, budget and time constraints, NPA offers a variety of training options.

Nidec Press & Automation offers both customized and standardized training courses based on certified practices. Training is conducted by a stamping room expert at either NPA’s Customer Education Center (CEC) or at your facility.

Our training courses are designed to include a combination of classroom and hands-on training. Handout material on the specific topics covered during the training are provided to attendees.

Planned Maintenance

Strategy driven by predictive analysis to avoid unplanned downtime.

Predictive maintenance is strategy driven by predictive analytics. The more advanced the analytics are, the better the ability to predict when equipment failure might occur and to prevent the occurrence of the failure by performing the necessary maintenance. Using predictive monitoring to look for future failure allows maintenance to be planned before the failure creates unplanned downtime.

Not only can predictive maintenance minimize the chance for a more costly failure and preventing unplanned reactive maintenance but does so without incurring costs associated with doing too much preventative maintenance.


  • Advanced analytics by the press experts, looking at a combination of inputs and how they interact.
  • A full customer service staff working around the clock and around the globe to keep you protected.
  • Engineering, service and parts experts to best recommend the necessary maintenance for your press.
  • Real-time condition monitoring.
  • Diagnostic dashboard.
  • Remote support.

OEM Inspection & Audit

Minimize unplanned downtime and enhance equipment productivity.

Thorough inspection of the identified presses and material handling equipment.

  • OEM certified inspection reports and maintenance records.
  • Increased productivity and equipment reliability.
  • Available for all brands of equipment.

A comprehensive OEM certified maintenance report will be prepared and delivered. This report will document:

  • Equipment’s current condition.
  • Recommendations for any repairs that should be performed immediately.
  • Recommendations for repairs that should be planned in the future.
  • Trends in the wear of parts to utilize these for future repair recommendations.


  • Each subsequent report references the readings and measurements taken on previous reports to provide trends in regard to part wear and other concerns.
  • We will work with you to develop a comprehensive 3-5 year service plan.
  • These reports provide an ongoing history that can be utilized as part of your process control programs. In addition, these reports provide a basis for you to obtain maximum resale value should you ever decide to sell your equipment.
  • OSHA Compliance Inspection Program also available.

Equipment Relocation

Turnkey project management to make your move go smoothly.

By combining its many resources and more than 100 years of experience in equipment relocation, Nidec Press & Automation is able to offer a program that can provide complete support and coordination for the relocation of metal forming equipment from removal through installation, regardless of the brand.

Nidec Press Automation Factory Workers

Service includes:

  • Initial audit to document equipment condition and identify any needed repairs prior to relocation
  • Ability to repair or upgrade press prior to, or in conjunction with, its relocation
  • Rigging
  • Transportation permits
  • Equipment disassembly
  • Shipment preparation
  • Export boxing if ocean freight is required
  • Coordination of export documentation
  • Equipment re-assembly and installation
  • Equipment inspection at new facility to verify condition
  • Training of employees at new location

Upgrade Packages

Preconfigured and economical upgrade packages designed to increase capability and uptime for your machinery.

Even if your older equipment is in excellent condition, it may not be providing you maximum return on your current jobs. This may be due to a change in your needs or the technology may now be available to significantly increase the equipment’s original capability and uptime.

Nidec Press & Automation offers a variety of upgrade packages for existing products. Upgrade packages and aftermarket offerings are categorized based on the type of press. Examples include:

  • Clutch Upgrades
  • Lubrication and/or Control Upgrades
  • Stroke Changes
  • Width Increases to Increase Production
  • Speed Upgrade Packages
  • VFD Conversions
  • Flywheel Bearing Re-Grease Package
  • Motorized Slide Adjust Package
  • Safety Upgrades
Nidec Press Automation Technical Service Employee

Engineering Services

Programs to help optimize your current metal forming equipment.

Nidec Press & Automation’s Advanced Technology Assistance Programs and products are designed to optimize productivity, efficiency, reliability and profitability of your current metal forming equipment and tooling.

  • Material Forming Analysis: Optimize tooling design and improve production.
  • Press Performance Analysis: Optimize productivity and reliability.
  • Infrared Thermography Analysis: Help determine the thermal flow and dissipation of heat energy through press and die components which may affect the production conditions of the die.
  • Die Analysis: Help to optimize part quality and increase production speeds.
  • High Speed Video Analysis: Provide insights into part transfer and material movement during production.

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