Global Machinery Repair and Support
with Teams Near You

Field service technicians can be dispatched from more than 95 locations around the world to quickly respond to service needs at any time and at any location. Nidec Press & Automation Technicians are highly trained and certified to work on a wide range of metal forming machinery, whether the machinery was manufactured by an NP&A company or a different brand.

Global Service Location Map
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The NP&A Field Service Group can be contacted for regular maintenance, press service, or any assistance that you may need. You can also contact our team to make regular facility visits as part of our custom care packages. Custom care packages can be fully customized to meet specific needs, ranging from regular press maintenance to annual inspections and audits. For more information on how NP&A can provide valuable services to your operation, contact our Customer Service Group at 419-273-6367 or email us at

How can we help you? Please contact us at a location near you to begin the discussion:

Global Corporate | (419)

Americas Region

Minster, USA
(419) 273-6367

Pittsburgh, USA
(412) 785-1993

Romeo, MI, USA
+1(586) 777-7440

Querétaro, Mexico
+52 442 253 1671

São Paulo, Brazil
+55 11 5071-0015

Europe/Mid-East/Africa Region

Navarrete, Spain
+34 941 287521

Peiting, Germany
+49 8861-71360

Grafenau, Germany
+49 8552 9639-0

Dortmund, Germany
+49 231 975358-0

Asia Pacific Region

 Kyoto, Japan

Pinghu, China

Ningbo, China
+86 189 6836 0119

Shanghai, China
+86 138 1764 4654