Kienle + Spiess Add NP&A Lamination Production Line

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Kienle + Spiess Add NP&A Lamination Production Line

Headquartered in Sachsenheim, Germany,  Kienle + Spiess recently installed an integrated lamination production system from Nidec Press & Automation (NP&A). The line features a Nidec Minster EV-315 press, a Nidec Vamco Quantum push-pull feed system, and a scrap cutter and thickness measuring system from Nidec SYS.

A recently-installed Nidec Minster EV-315 press will increase the production capabilities at Kienle + Spiess.

Founded in 1935, Kienle + Spiess offers its customers a unique range of products, technical solutions, and services for creating efficient, energy-saving electric motors and generators by stamping and die-casting of electrical steel. The company operates from three global locations with nearly 900 employees.

Kienle + Spiess Managing Director Gregor Eipert said the recently-installed production system will position his company for success in emerging markets. 

“We are well positioned to follow global megatrends – Urbanization, (Electric) Mobility and Renewable Energies,” Eipert said. “Many applications require highly efficient electric motors or generators offered by Kienle + Spiess.”

The Minster EV-315 press features a wide bed (3.7 meters) to accommodate the longer dies of the EV market. The hydrostatic/hydrodynamic slide guiding of the press allows for significantly tighter punch-to-die clearances enabling the ability to stamp ultra thin laminations.

Vamco’s Quantum servo feeds deliver superior material feeding with integrated intelligence to detect problems before they enter the die space with on-demand job adaptability. The Nidec SYS scrap cutter and thickness measuring unit are fully integrated with the press via unique control and monitoring solutions. With Vamco, SYS and Minster all part of the Nidec Press & Automation group of companies, customers are offered a single source for sales, installation, service, etc.

 “It is beneficial to have a single point of contact for a complete system,” Eipert said.

“Kienle + Spiess and Nidec Minster have a long-term history in business together,” Eipert continued. “The relationship is based on good experience and mutual trust, which is a solid base for working together on future projects.”

Nidec Vamco Quantum push-pull feeds and a Nidec SYS Thickness Measuring unit add to the functionality of a Nidec Minster EV-315 press at Kienle + Spiess.
The Production Management Control helps integrate a Nidec Press & Automation (NP&A) EV lamination production system at Kienle + Spiess.

Kienle + Spiess operates from three global location serving a variety of customers in the automotive, appliance and energy industries. Some of the many Kienle + Spiess technologies involved for high performance motors include: stamping, die-casting, highly automated processes, added value in shaft insertion, and welding and rotor finishing.

“We strive for technical leadership along with high-quality standards and processes,” Eipert said. “Our know-how of 85 years and continuous improvement has resulted in innovations such as the proven Glulock® (glue bonding) technology in high series production.”

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