With dedicated remanufacturing facilities and trained personnel on three continents, Nidec Press & Automation can provide new life for used machinery.

Nidec Press & Automation has the unique combination of decades of experience and world-class facilities around the globe to remanufacture your pressroom equipment. During the remanufacturing process we will ensure that your machine meets or exceeds the new specifications, and we also make sure it meets all current safety standards to protect your employees.

Nidec Press & Automation is capable of rebuilding presses that were manufactured by our family of brands or other companies. We go through the same thorough process to ensure you will have the longest possible life with your equipment and meet your operational goals.

P2 before and after
Minster P2-200 press before and after remanufacturing.
Slide remanufacturing
Press slide component before and after remanufacturing.

In addition to remanufacturing a complete press NP&A can also remanufacture major components like slide and connection assemblies and clutches or drive shafts. Nidec Press & Automation combines our field service technicians experience to inspect and audit the piece of equipment with the knowledge of our applications group to help you make the best decision on whether you should remanufacture your entire piece of equipment or one or more components or sub-systems in that piece of equipment.

When that decision is made NP&A will get the equipment transported to one of our remanufacturing facilities located around the world (including facilities located in North America, Europe and Asia.) Once the equipment arrives at our facility the trained and certified remanufacturing technicians will disassemble, inspect and remanufacture your equipment.

Global Remanufacturing Facilities
With four recent investments, Nidec Press & Automation has more than 10,400 square meters of dedicated remanufacturing production facilities to meet all your service needs.

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