Predictive maintenance is a strategy driven by predictive analytics.

The more advanced the analytics are, the better the ability to predict when equipment failure might occur and to prevent the occurrence of the failure by performing the necessary maintenance. Using predictive monitoring to look for future failure allows maintenance to be planned before the failure creates unplanned downtime.

Not only can predictive maintenance minimize the chances of a more costly failure and prevent unplanned reactive maintenance, but it does so without incurring costs associated with doing too much preventative maintenance.

nidec planned maintenance working on a machine
Nidec Press Automation Minster Machine

Benefits of NPA Predictive Maintenance Services

  • Advanced analytics by the press experts, looking at a combination of inputs and how they interact.
  • A full customer service staff working around the clock and around the globe to keep you protected.
  • Engineering, service and parts experts to best recommend the necessary maintenance for your press.
  • Real-time condition monitoring.
  • Diagnostic dashboard.
  • Remote support.

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