Coiltech Deutschland 2023

Visit Nidec Press & Automation
at Coiltech Deutschland 2023

Dates: March 29-30, 2023
Location: Augsburg, Germany
NP& A Booth: 3-E42

Coiltech® is a leading international trade exhibition for the coil winding industry with headquarters in Milan. It takes place in Germany in the first quarter and in Italy in the third quarter. The World Magnetic Conference (WMC) is held parallel to Coiltech®. The purpose is to encourage professional exchange between universities, industry, research centres and associations. The following industries participate in Coiltech® Deutschland and Coiltech® Italia:
• Electrical steel
• Insulation materials and resins
• Magnet wire
• Laminations – motors and transformers
• Coil winding machines – motors and transformers
• Aluminum die casting
• Test equipment
• Impregnation and encapsulation equipment
• Magnetic cores
• Transformer coils
• Development software
• Bearings and permanent magnets
• Accessories – motors and transformers

➤ The following dates are: Coiltech® Deutschland: 29-30 March, 2023 – Augsburg, Germany The nearest airports are Munich (50 min by car), Memmingen (55 min by car) and Stuttgart (90 min by car). Augsburg is connected to the high-speed German railway network (ICE).

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